Fall Mystery Tour


We can’t tell you anything about your destinations because it would spoil the surprise, but you can count on this one being unique and unpredictable. All we can promise you is that it will be the perfect tour for those who want to bring some adventure into their lives.

People enjoy getting together on a modern motor coach, bound for an unknown destination where every moment builds suspense and every day brings new surprises. The mystery seems to bring people closer together making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Now is your chance to escape the “predictable” and do something truly exciting and dramatically different. Bring some adventure into your life on one of this year’s Mystery Tour.



Double: $1,170/person
Single: $1,555/person


• 9 Meals

Departing From:
Pontoon Beach, Nashville, Litchfield, South County, Mt. Vernon, Springfield, Fairview Heights, Cape Girardeau, Marion