Travel Agent Services

Travel Agent Services

Making a Reservation:
Provide the following information:

  1. Tour name and departure date
  2. Client’s full name and address
  3. Type of room accommodations (single, double, etc.)
  4. Departure Point
  5. Agency name, address and phone number
  6. Booking agent’s name


Mail To:
16 Presley Park Drive
P.O. Box 58
Makanda, IL 62958-0058

Single Room Price:
The single price appears with each tour description under Tour Departures. Triple prices are available on request.

Deposits are due within one week of booking. Bookings will not be held past one week if a deposit is not received.
Motorcoach Tours…$50.00 p/p refundable until final payment date 45 days prior
Air Tours & Cruises…Deposits vary by tour. Special policies may apply to some tours as noted.

Final payments:
Final payments are generally due 45 days before departure. Some tours have unique payment requirements. Reservations will be automatically cancelled if final payments are not received by 30 days before departure.

Credit Cards:
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card on customer’s credit cards only. Presley Tours must receive payment for the gross tour price as invoiced when a credit card is used for any portion of the tour deposit or payment. Commissions will be paid upon the client’s return from the tour.

Wait List:
Should space on a departure be sold out, we will place your client on a wait list, at your request. We will call you when space becomes available.

Travel Documents:
Documents consist of a travel ticket indicating tour name, client name, departure date, departure city and departure point plus applicable pricing information. Documents will be sent 30 days before departure, after final payment is received. It is important to provide the client with documents as soon as you receive them.

Hotel List:
A list of hotel addresses and phone numbers will be provided. Clients may leave this list with friends or relatives to allow them to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Limited to one large bag (weight limit of 50 pounds) per person, plus a small overnight bag small enough to fit under the seat or on the overhead rack of the coach or airplane. We take care of your large piece of luggage for you. The small overnight bag is your responsibility. Although every effort is made to handle your baggage carefully, we cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles, including luggage.

Motorcoach Tours: A full refund will be given for cancellations up to the day of departure, except for $50.00 deposit if canceling after 45 days before departure.

Air Tours: Cancellation of reservations on air, rail or cruise tours may result in a fee, depending on when the cancellation is received. These fees and cancellation schedules vary by tour, according to the policies of our suppliers. Should your client leave the tour anytime after departure, refunds will be based on the actual cost of the tour and not on a per diem basis. No refund will be made for unused motorcoach transportation. All refunds will be mailed to the agent.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:
A 100% refund for dissatisfaction will be given to a client who leaves a tour within 72 hours of tour departure, or within 24 hours if the tour is less than 7 days in duration. Certain stipulations apply.

The land cost of the tour is commissionable at 12%; the air portion of a tour is non-commissionable. Commissions will not be paid on any discounts applied to the tour.

Override Commissions:
An extra commission of 3% will be paid for group bookings (30 persons) on a single departure. No other additional commissions will be paid.

Group Tour Pooling:
Agencies will be allowed to pool branch offices of a single entity corporation by prior arrangement to qualify for the group.

Presley Tours Sponsored Travel Shows:
Travel agents will no longer be able to accept reservations at the Presley Tours sponsored travel shows advertised in our catalog.

Agents in Good Standing:
Requests for co-sponsored travel parties will be reviewed on a case by case basis provided the agency requesting the co-sponsorship is in good standing. Approved parties will be limited to one party for the requesting retail outlet per calendar year.